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Smart small appliances gradually into the homes of ordinary people

Half an hour before getting home, air conditioning has quietly started, the indoor temperature gradually decreased to a comfortable state; press the start button, sweeping robot turning up in the room, cleaning the floor pattern set according to the press; mobile phone, automatic heating and hot water by setting up insulation degree, there is a hot drink…… With the continuous improvement of people’s quality of life, intelligent small appliances gradually entered the homes of ordinary people.
There are many kinds of smart small appliances
Sweeping robot, automatic dishwasher, smart rice cooker, air evolution…… In the major appliance stores, smart small appliances in conspicuous position. Reporters visited the appliance market, saw a wide variety of small appliances on the market, there are cleaning classes, there are health classes, there are beauty categories, the main “smart, convenient and healthy” these three selling points. There are many kinds of products, such as juice extractor, wall breaking machine and health pot. The convenience products include dishwasher, frying machine, floor sweeping robot and vacuum cleaner. They are mainly used to liberate both hands. In addition, some of the more popular high-tech small appliances are gradually favored by the market, such as smart sockets, intelligent remote control, human sensors and so on.
Reporters noted that the market is not only a wide range of small household electrical appliances, brands and prices also have many different options. Reporters at the city bridge, a large home appliance stores to see, just sweeping robots have 10 varieties, the price difference is great, cheap hundreds of dollars, expensive five thousand or six thousand yuan. Site sales staff, and now more and more people began to pay attention to health care and quality of life, intimate smart small appliances are very popular with consumers, in general, sales of low-end products is relatively large.
Young people become the main force of consumption
It is understood that the smart appliance market popular with Wi-Fi power supply controller, intelligent sweeping robot, night lights, intelligent alarm, automatic watering device, the majority of smart appliances consumer groups are 80, 90 young people. They said that smart small appliances can feel the convenience of science and technology life, fun and environmental protection.
Reporters from Panyu several large appliance stores understand that the elderly have to buy smart appliances, mainly in health class, such as juicer, health pot, and convenient type of vacuum cleaners, dishwasher, cooking machine intelligent small appliances and consumer groups to 80 80 mainly.
In the city bridge, a home appliance store, the reporter saw a young couple are shopping vacuum cleaners. They told reporters that the family elders feel useful, buy is a waste, but they feel that although the price is high, but cleaner than the ordinary broom clean clean, can save a lot of time, can help you to get rid of heavy housework.
Reporters learned that, in addition to the purchase of smart small appliances in the store, many young people will choose to buy online “fresh” small appliances, such as human sensors, anti-theft cameras.
According to Jingdong issued the “China home appliance online shopping consumer insight white paper” shows that small appliances by young people love, after 85, 90 consumers have become the main force of online shopping home appliances.
The quality of good and bad Qidai specification
As smart small appliances are becoming more and more popular with consumers, many businesses are pouring into the market to cut the fat pork”. In the market, we often can see the “small household electrical appliances” face”. They tend to impress the hearts of consumers at lower prices, so that their brands in the market share of access to a place, but the quality of its products, no one can guarantee. Each year, “3. 15”, in the quality of substandard black list, the list is mostly unknown small brand products.
According to the analysis, small household electrical appliances are frequent quality problems, a big reason is that small household appliance industry OEM is widespread, the production level is uneven, different brands of small appliances product quality there is a significant difference. Some bad businessmen only pursue immediate interests, ignoring the quality of products and after-sale service problems.

Common causes of tile cracking

I believe we all know to buy the home tile Putie good, can not Everything will be fine.. Many owners may encounter tile tiling after a period of time, no reason for the embarrassment of cracking. Lack of professional knowledge of the owners do not know what the reason is, who should be from the responsibility.
1, material problems
Cement label is incorrect, can cause craze phenomenon. Tiling is generally used 425 ordinary silicate cement, cement sand mixing ratio is 1:3, if the cement grade is too high, when the cement mortar solidification, cement will absorb a large amount of water, then the water is absorbed easily over tile cracking.
Cracks: many tiles cracking, cracking, irregular texture direction.
2, geological problems
Because of its geological problems will produce a certain degree of subsidence, resulting in deformation and cracking of the wall, causing cracks in tiles.
Crack: cracking is usually a coherent, regular crack.
Resolution: the ceramic tile is prized and the cement mortar is removed to see whether the wall is cracked or deformed.
Note: just after the transformation of the wall tiles do not immediately.
3, construction problems
The paving tiles hollowing phenomenon, and hollowing and non hollowing part, cement mortar and tile expansion coefficients, resulting in deformation and cracking of ceramic tile.
Crack: tile irregular distribution of cracks, the crack is not the law, a crack line shape, length.
The shop does not leave the seam, the ceramic tile and the base layer stretch differently, the expansion heat and cold contraction causes the ceramic tile to crack.
Crack: the ceramic tile edge angle has the crack, the surface crack, the grain is small, the texture is relatively short.
Notice: it is recommended to leave 1~2mm gap at least.
It also has a certain water absorption rate of tiles before paving without soaking, paving, condensation process in cement mortar strength increased, tiles will absorb the moisture, brick surface due to cement mortar tension will occur cracking. The water is not enough, the cement absorb moisture will cause uneven tiles cracking.
Resolution methods: water due to lack of cracked tiles generally appear shortly after tiling.
4 force majeure
Direct impact by heavy objects or other external impact will cause tile cracking.
Crack: cracking ceramic tile number is few, crack, the texture is netted
Smashing wall causes the wall to vibrate and causes the ceramic tile to crack.
Cracks: cracking tiles are concentrated on walls close to the neighborhood.
The formation of dark cracks in the cutting process, after a period of time, affected by cement shrinkage and external force, resulting in cracking of tiles.
Attention: when the tile is more, it is recommended to the professional processing plant after processing, pull to the site shop.
5, environmental factors
Away from the fire stove and other heat sources are too close, subject to supercooling, overheating temperature changes, expansion and contraction, resulting in cracking tiles.
6, tile quality problems
Ceramic tile production not up to standard may cause cracking phenomenon. Is a high water absorption rate of some bricks, the compressive strength is not enough, resulting in tiles cracking; two is a brick in the firing process, if not, in the transport, storage and use in cracking; the three is if the tile hardness is not enough, in the process of using bearing high or damaged, it is easy to crack.
Crack: tile quality problems, cracking mesh texture, such as fine size, cracking of the relatively high proportion, there may be a piece of tile in multiple cracking.
To sum up, in addition to environment, construction, materials and other issues, at the same time, the quality of tile itself can not be ignored. As the ceramic brands, Jin AI ceramic tile adhering to the quality as the first goal of the production concept, use of raw materials, automatic production line quality and packing machine for ceramic tile production, each batch of products are strict quality testing in the factory, for customers to create a beautiful appearance, good quality, not easy to crack the quality tiles. Let each customer can buy the rest assured that with the peace of mind.

Smart home development is uncertain, but the market potential is unlimited

The intelligent Home Furnishing source of income, the first impression most people are brought by the product sales profit, this part of the market is large, but the bigger market in sales, products become the entrance, bring a series of services for users and enterprises to obtain income from the sale of products, but this is a one-time, profitable way is permanent, this one-time profit to permanent earnings upgrade once the popularity of smart Home Furnishing market will be immeasurable.
The concept of smart home has existed in the market for a long time. At this stage, users and enterprises are in the process of forming and deepening the cognition and concept of smart home. Relevant home industry experts have also been optimistic about the future development of smart home, and predict 2017 smart home market or usher in the next big outbreak. Smart home market potential is great, then its market situation and future trends?
Data analysis of Chinese smart home market
The report shows that China’s middle class, the number reached 109 million, more than the average income of 300 thousand; as the intelligent Home Furnishing market main consumer groups, a large middle class population base, determines the infinite potential of intelligent Home Furnishing market. In addition, product sales is only a one-time, however, more and more large and lasting market profit lurking in sales after: by then, products will become the entrance, bring a series of services for users, enterprises benefit from intelligent Home Furnishing market will be immeasurable.
According to statistics, the size of China’s smart home market in 2015 was 43 billion 100 million yuan, an increase of 41.80%; 2016 was 66 billion yuan, an increase of 53.10%; in 2017 the total market size is expected to be 98 billion 800 million yuan, an increase of 49.60%. From the data point of view, whether in terms of size or growth rate, China’s smart home market development is ahead of the global market.
From the domestic market, intelligent Home Furnishing enterprises mainly divided into three categories: one is the Haier, Midea, Changhong, TCL and GREE as the representative of the traditional Home Furnishing enterprises; one is including millet, Jingdong, Tencent, Baidu, Ali, the Internet company of science and technology; the other is the electric business platform (such as Jingdong, Tmall, Ou Ruibo, etc.) anjubao intelligent Home Furnishing brand. Three types of enterprises are experiencing a variety of waves, such as meters to create limited scenarios, intelligent Home Furnishing product quantity is too small; the beauty of “one key control” into lip-service, unsatisfactory business; Jingdong microunion trapped embarrassment, not a standard technical scheme of disputes etc.. Of course, this is only a temporary problem to be solved, and the splendid curtain is still being unveiled.

Domestic LED gathering car lighting after loading market has become the Red Sea

According to the Ministry of Public Security Traffic Management Bureau issued a communique at the end of June 2017, the national car ownership reached 205 million units in the first half of 2017 new car registration amounted to 13 million 220 thousand units, with the same period last year. However, such a large car market, car market share of more than half of the lighting has been monopolized by foreign lighting giant, in the face of the rapid expansion of the automotive lighting market, domestic LED enterprises large-scale mergers and acquisitions investment vehicle LED lighting market form how?
“Foreign monks” monopoly, “attacking” domestic LED vehicle market
Car LED lighting counterparts, OSRAM and Lumileds two enterprises is “powerless” (mainly pre installed market here).
As the automobile system is more complex than the lighting, the automobile lighting is considered as a high threshold and difficult to step into the field. As a result, the global automotive lighting market has been OSRAM, Lumileds and other international giants firmly control.
In addition due to the huge risks before market supply chain and difficult to break into the recalled, has been made light of many enterprises are state, and more is the layout in the aftermarket, because after market is more price reasons, to promote the domestic car with the rise of LED products, of course at present, only in the market, before market there is still a long way to go.
With the LED industry in the domestic lighting market into the Red Sea into a stable period, the car LED market has clearly become a new growth breakthrough. For a long time, the global automotive lighting market has been Lumileds, OSRAM and other international giants firmly control. The arrival of the LED era, China has become the world’s largest manufacturing and manufacturing LED, which makes the domestic LED development vehicle lighting provides a unique advantage.
Domestic LED enterprises also seize the opportunity, have layout. Whether earlier layout acquisition car net, United Automotive and other automotive related standard of Hongli Newell, still has roots in automotive lighting and Elec-Tech, recently proposed to self financing investment REFOND 100 million yuan capital industry and so on, Centrino LED companies are accelerating in the layout of automotive lighting.
Accelerate the layout of these enterprises, resulting in recent years, domestic car LED products in the aftermarket share of the growing. In recent years, the price of the car more and more expensive, the profit of LED has risen to become one of the factors of light maximum profit, especially in the domestic LED LED performance gap with foreign product performance more and more under the condition of small. But to break the monopoly of “foreign monks”, domestic LED still needs to walk a long way.

The United States of Maine, a total ban on flame retardant fabric furniture

The reporter learned from the Guangzhou inspection and Quarantine Bureau was informed that the day before, the U.S. state of Maine passed a ban by flame retardants used in furniture, the ban will come into effect on January 1, 2019.
It is reported that the new measures provided from January 1, 2019 onwards, fabric furniture fabrics and other coverings or cushion material containing the concentration of flame retardant chemicals or more than 0.1%, flame retardant containing chemical agent mixture concentration of more than 0.1%, shall not be sold in the state and distribution. The ban in the “furniture” is defined as for residential or other residence indoor use of residential furniture, whole or partial elastic cushion material contains, and covering cloth or related material wrapped furniture; “flame retardant chemicals” refers to chemical substances or compounds can resist or inhibit the spread of fire. Including but not limited to, phosphorus based, halogenated nitrogen based and nanometer flame retardant, and the United States Code, twenty-ninth Vol. 1910.1200 (g) (2015) according to the provisions of the Ministry of the material safety data for flame retardant of any chemicals or compounds.
Maine, the ban basically covers all kinds of poisonous chemical flame retardant fabric furniture in the house. At present, Maine was the only state by the ban, Maine environmental protection department said that in order to effectively implement these Provisions, will develop the product label and manufacturer registration procedures, and certification of product sampling and testing procedures.
Guangzhou inspection and Quarantine Bureau reminded the relevant furniture export enterprises, pay close attention to the U. S. furniture flame retardant ban dynamics. At the same time, a reasonable choice of furniture mats, materials and surface cloth, furniture manufacturing to enhance the level of environmental protection, and strengthen the self-test, automatic management level, to ensure that fabrics, furniture and other export products meet the requirements of the United states.

Development trend of cabinet products in 2017

With the rapid development of market economy, the cabinet industry market for another round of reshuffle cabinet reorganization, products are also more and more diversified, personalized, so for the development trend of 2017 cabinet in the end will show a state of how small, simple summarizes the development trend of the 2017 cabinet products the information, we look together!
A strong sense of design
With the awakening of self-awareness and the continuous improvement of life taste, in 2017, consumers will pay more attention to the details of the product engraving, a unique and thoughtful design scheme, more impressive.
Two. Complete functions
Prices remain high, not all families can live on the big house, so a set of economic, practical, full-featured cabinet will become the focus of attention of consumers. Of course, for most families now, the cabinet is not only used for storage and use, but also to meet consumer demand for Home Furnishing art and aesthetic pursuit, which requires the cabinet function and art to achieve the greatest possible.
Three. Health and environmental protection
In the process of the development of the city in the city, the development of industry pollution is increasingly serious, serious impact on the haze and extreme weather, people want to have at least one environmental health, on the subject of environmental health concerns will always run through the furniture industry, the cabinet industry development no matter when, environmental protection will be the main eternal melody.
Four. Excellent quality
To improve the living standard and the increasing pressure of the fast-paced modern life makes people less willing to again and again to spend time in the replacement of the kitchen renovation and furniture, choose high price point, long service life and a cabinet products, not because of corruption in various problems in every two or three days cheaper in the kitchen. Therefore, to improve the quality of products is the first step to do a good job in the cabinet business.
Five. Personalized customization
In this distinctive era, everyone wants to live, no longer meet the same Home Furnishing decoration layout and furniture style, personalized kitchen environment and Home Furnishing became a common pursuit of the Home Furnishing lifestyle. Therefore, in 2017, the cabinet design should be more personalized, taking into account the applicable to different gender, different age groups, different Huxing and different groups, to create a personalized product to meet consumer demand.
In short, now the cabinet consumer market is vast, but want to follow the crowd in many brands, but also cabinet companies need more effort.

Kitchen power market potential is large, 2017 market scale will reach 96 billion 800 million

In the 2017 China kitchen electricity forum, Naka Yiyasu released data show that in the first half of 2017, the kitchen electricity market scale reached 47 billion 100 million yuan, an increase of 14.9%, higher than the overall appliance market growth level.
The next line monthly retail monitoring data show that the first half of 2017 hood market price increased 10% over the same period, more than 4000 yuan price range hood products retail volume showed varying degrees of growth; the embedded electric oven market price increased by 5%, more than 8000 yuan price segment products retail volume increased steadily; exhaust air hood at or above the level of 17 retail volume market share of 46.2%, an increase of 5.5%, retail market share was 55.1%, an increase of 5%; the embedded gas stove the level of energy efficiency products sales market share of 23.9%, an increase of 11.2 percentage points.
At the same time, with dishwashers, electric ovens, steam ovens as the representative of the emerging kitchen category strong gains. According to the PRC data, the first half of the dishwasher retail sales of 1 billion 830 million yuan, an increase of 134.6%; steam furnace retail sales of 1 billion 220 million yuan, an increase of 47.5%; electric oven retail sales reached 2 billion 700 million yuan, an increase of 18.3%.
In the opinion of vice president Guo Meide Ovid yunwang, ice, washing, and relatively empty TV category, the popularity of electric kitchen products rate is still low, the market potential has not yet been fully released, the future kitchen electric market there are relatively large space for development.
The PRC forecast, 2017 kitchen electric market will continue to high growth posture continues to advance, the kitchen electricity market will reach 96 billion 800 million yuan, an increase of 14.4%

What kind of gas water heater is good? FOTILE water heater used to say yes

The user said: constant temperature performance is very good, the water is no longer heat cold.
The use of water heaters, water temperature is the user’s most concern. Heat and cold water bath, Rainbow Night, would not enjoy, but uncomfortable. The water temperature of the gas water heater will be high and low as a result of windy weather and multiple water use.
FOTILE magnetized thermostat water heater in terms of temperature performance?
Net friend * * * * son also said, FOTILE magnetization thermostat water heater is very easy to use, heating fast, temperature control is very stable.
The old user demonstrates the water temperature stability of the FOTILE constant temperature water heater with personal experience. So, how do they do it? The key technology is that FOTILE magnetic constant temperature water heater using DC inverter fan, the inertia is smaller, higher speed, wind resistant adaptive; three fire row start mode, intelligent air adjusted according to the size of the fire, the fire started adjusting row number, prevent water temperature adaptive temperature control system has sometimes hot and sometimes cold; that will adjust the supply according to the water volume, air volume, high efficiency, can make a fast constant temperature.
The user said: “take a bath with magnetized water, and your hair is elegant and supple.”
FOTILE magnetized thermostatic water heater as a high-end gas water heater, distinguished from other water heaters, the biggest feature is that ordinary water can be turned into magnetized water. Well, using FOTILE magnetizing thermostat water bath, there is no special feeling?
Net friend Zhang Zhiming said, magnetized water bath for some time, feel hair seems elegant, a lot of soft.
FOTILE magnetizing thermostat water heater gives a better experience, is not psychological. Many people say that after washing and bathing with tap water, they tend to feel more dry and tight. Sometimes red itching and skin swelling can occur. That is because the tap water in the pipeline, high water tanks and other aspects of the two pollution, water doped with a large number of rust and other impurities, will inevitably cause damage to sensitive skin and hair.
The magnetic constant temperature water heater FOTILE equipped with high magnetic permanent magnets, data showed that the removal rate is 91.22% in iron; improve the activity of water is 7.9%; reduce the scale was 8.1%; the residual chlorine in water removal rate is 6.3%. Purify the water quality, to a certain extent, reduce the bath water on the skin and hair damage.
“It’s great to use a cell phone to control the water heater,” the user said
For safety purposes, gas water heaters are generally installed in ventilated kitchens or closed balconies. However, at home, the elderly, middle-aged, children bath water temperature requirements are different, and therefore adjust the temperature a little toss. FOTILE magnetized thermostatic water heater good operation?
The anonymous user introduced how to regulate the water temperature by using the FOTILE magnetic thermostatic water heater. This year he changed the FOTILE magnetic thermostat water heater, intelligent mobile phone APP and water heater interconnected, through the phone anytime, anywhere to control the water heater, very convenient.

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